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Frequently Asked Questions...
  a)  WestHollywoodLimousine's mission? 

It's simple, West Hollywood Limousine began 21 years ago to fill the need for reliable, stress-free and professional luxury transportation service in the West Hollywood, Los Angeles area.  We are known for our drivers who are knowledgeable, timely, professional and most of all.....smiling.  Knowing your driver has been monitoring your flight and is waiting for you at the end of your journey to whisk you away is a great feeling.  Our Marketing Department is constantly monitoring the prices of our competitors to ensure you receive the most value for your dollar. 

b)  What could I use WHL for?

Our clients and friends use us for airport trips, birthday parties, bachlorette parties, nights on the town and all their events (including but not limited to; the Academy Awards, SAG, Golden Globes, Proms - you get the picture).

c)  What type of cars does WHL provide?

Featuring the new Lincoln Towncar MKT, Classic Towncars, Stretch Limousines & Chrysler 300. (Fleet)

d) How do I reserve a car with WHL?

You can e-mail your reservation, or simply click the 'ORDER FORM' button on the home page with or give us a call at (213) 674-8700. It's that easy.. 

e) Does WHL issue "Confirmations" so I can have a hard-copy, proof of my reservation?

Yes, you receive your confirmation via e-mail within 3 minutes of booking your reservation.  You can then print out the confirmation & have a 'hard copy' for your records.

f)  What credit cards does WHL accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express and arrive five minutes early to help with your luggage.  A receipt gets e-mailed to your inbox right after your drop off.  No waiting, no worries and best of all? No surprises. Your price is all inclusive, so no need to tip your driver at any time, no fussing with bills at the airport ;).

g)  How does WHL know if my plane is going to arrive early or late?

Upon your return we "track" your flight and know the speed, altitude and location of your plane so if you arrive early or late it is no problem and your driver is on time.  We are always aware of your 'true' arrival time, along with gate status and baggage claim.

h)  How do I find my driver upon my arrival into the airport?

WHL utilizes printed signs.  Instead of seeing your last name handwritten, we take the time to print all signs so that you can easily read your name from a distance, thus, ensuring you meet your driver.

i)  What do your drivers wear?

All drivers wear a policy driven, professional uniform which includes a dark Bernini suit.  We do receive "special requests" (i.e., event themed parties, etc.) which have a broad range. 

j.  What can I expect when using WHL's services?

You can always expect a smooth, comfortable and stress-free ride with a driver that knows Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  WHL hires only drivers who truly love their job and have the knowledge to give you a true guide through Los Angeles.

k. Is WHL different than other companies?

Yes, we monitor prices and are always extremely competitive and stand behind our work.  Our Monaco Bottled Water (MBW) & Monaco Mints are only an added bonus since our main concern is your smooth and stress-free ride.  With no hidden fees you will find our receipts are clear without any added charges to surprise you.  Personalized service that is prompt and amazing is what you will find if you look under Webster's Dictionary under "West Hollywood Limousine", 

L.  Can I receive a quote?

Certainly, simply click the -> 'Request Quote' on our website.  Quotes are given with the information you input.

* Driver will arrive 5 minutes early
* Free Champagne!
  (All guests must be 21 yrs. of age)
* 3 stocked bars with alcohol, sodas, plenty
  of ice, crystal champagne & soda glasses.
* Fibre-optic lighting
* "Cool" neon lighting
* 2 TV's
* Stars that change color in the bar
* Professional & smiling drivers
* Receive your confirmation via e-mail
* Monaco Bottled water & Monaco Mints
* Glow sticks to add to the fun!

* Driver will arrive 5 minutes early to help
  with luggage
* We "track" your flight and know the speed,
  altitude and location of your plane upon your
  return so your driver is aware of the true arrival
* No airport fees
* No parking tolls
* Professional & smiling drivers
* Receive your confirmation via e-mail
* Monaco Bottled Water (MBW) even on
  airport trips.
* Upon your return, we now provide Monaco
  sponsored Purell towelettes to refresh, sanitize
  and moisturize your hands after deboarding.