Monaco Limousine & West Hollywood 's IT Division Monacos-IT Division
Any company with Monaco Limousine &'s  size and capacity requires a well-planned network to facilitate the exchange of information. Add to that the daily operation of a transport service as unique as Monaco, and one is suddenly faced with a task of truly Monaco-lithic proportions.
Network/Computing, a subdivision of Operations, has proven itself worthy. With an NT Operating System, Server and a Coordinator to observe the schedules, Monaco boasts a computer network comparable to corporations several times its size.
The PolyNet, developed by star programmer Carlo Conti, allows the various divisions that comprise Monaco to communicate at rapid speeds with the utmost  confidence and convenience. More than a network, the PolyNet helps to foster a sense of community, as each employee is able to keep abreast of the affairs and schedules of his or her co-workers while also keeping our clients information secure.

I believe strongly in an open-door policy - please feel free to e-mail me with questions, concerns or just to chat... 

Paulo Casini
Paulo Casini, Vice President, Systems Administration 

**Please think of the environment when printing out any material that may be kept in files.