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Site updated as of April 5, 2020
New LAX Alert
** The new laws at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) have banned all RideShares (Uber, Lyft and Taxis) from picking up at the terminals (as of Oct. 29th, 2019).  
        By using West Hollywood Limousine, you will save a minimum of $10.00 & more importantly, will save you a minimum of 25 minutes on arriving and exiting LAX. 
      West Hollywood Limousine is licensed and  authorized to drop/pick up at LAX.   ​​Thus making your transport in and out of Los Angeles International Airport a breeze.
West Hollywood Limousine is monitoring the Carona Covid-19 (Caronavirus).  It is our responsiblity, and for your safety, to dissinfect all cars between each transport.

Transport Solutions

Kudos to Todd Carlson, whose brilliant ad campaign has carried those stuffed Monaco &  WestHollywoodLimousine.com Mini Dolls all the way to the bank. The "WHL kids" have proven to be very popular overseas, especially in Spain, where they can't seem to get enough of these plush, furry creatures who push their Limo Swag!

"WestHollywoodLimousine.com Week," where senior citizens received 20% off their transport (and special wine glass 'flutes' for their grandkids!), turned out to be a major success. The sight of our elderly friends enjoying West Hollywood Bottled Water & West Hollywood Mints while receiving the smooth ride and stress-free transport brought a tear to the eye of everyone who was lucky enough to see it.

Don't forget that the latest installment of West Hollywood Limousine’s Transport DVD (WHL-DVD / also available on all music streaming platforms) hits music stores next week. The new CD teams WHL's most melodious resident DJ with the French Symphony Orchestra. The unlikely combination blazes through a number of popular standards. Advance buzz pegs their version of Due Re’ Mie as a real showstopper!

Last but certainly not least, the results are in...and they're great! Early tests of WHL's-AChew! The Chewing Gum has met with amazing results. For those of you not acquainted with the product, this flavorful chewing gum will allow kids to spit in all the colors of the rainbow. Bravo to the folks in WestHollywoodLimousine's R&D for what will surely be this winter's hottest stocking stuffer!

Congratulations on a stellar year and let's make it happen again in 2020!

Monaco Limo & WestHollywoodLimousine.com 

Carlo Conti
V.P. Marketing & Merchandice
West Hollywood Limousine